Tyrol demonstration

" Diese Regelung wurde vom Teufel geSCHMIEDet"
(This pact was forged by the devil – forged means geSCHMIEDet in german and SCHMIED ist he name oft he secretary who did this pact! -.-)
Approximately 2500 pupils went demonstrating into Innsbruck on the road over for their right on Friday. Which was planned as demonstration, went completely out of control.

 Innsbruck - " We don’t put up with that!“

That was only one of the combat slogans, which have been shouted by the Tyroleans pupils with the pupil strike in the state capital towards skies.
2500 pupils demonstrated also - whole classes had traveled closed from upper country and down country , in order against the compromise settlements of Minister of Education Claudia Schmied forge with the teacher trade union its loud veto to submit.

That the schoolautonomous days are going to be taken back to their original form, the pupils can’t put up. Their opinion - which they proclaimed on transparencies: "The devil forged this pact! "
But the pupil strike in the state capital was overshadowed also by a bad organization, as many participants criticized. For example the individual speeches into the quantity were roared only over megaphone, so the contents went down completely.
Pupil except control
Fast the grind showed up at individual groups of pupils. They wanted to move away after short time from the meeting, because most of them were not satisfied with the organization. And in such a way the meeting, which was planned as demonstration actually only, went completely out of control. " The quantity tries to pull into the city center. The police tries to hold it, so they can’t get into the Maria Theresien road" , TT-Redakteurin Miriam Sulaiman at the telephone told shortly after 11 o'clock.
500 pupils marched short time after toward country house place, where they protested first at the monument and placed themselves later demonstratively before the country house.
There approximately 20 policemen had to guard the entrance, in order to hold the pupils before entering.
Straight through the whole city center pulled
However the pupils let themselves not intimidate and shouted their slogans only the louder. In addition many were drunk, as eye-witnesses reported. They must have sold beer even during the demonstration - also to the younger pupils. The situation did not relax even in front of the country house place. The demonstrators went of to the country house II and short time later the connection went to the trainstation. The victory battle call, which was sung to the EURO by the football fans, was re-designed by the pupils into a combat singing. When the demonstrators had returned to the national theatre, where the demonstration had taken place, it seemed short time, as if the meeting dissolved. But a part of the pupils did not have enough from protesting yet. They walked by the yard garden toward Sillgasse. Thus had to move forward also again more policeman. Finally the demonstrators landet in the Sillpark ( a shopping centre).
" They marched in simply and protest here loudly" , Sulaiman at the telephone told. At this time far and wide no policeman was to be seen in the shopping centre. But " nevertheless; they damaged, as far as I see can, nothing " , so Sulaiman.
Approximately 30 officials have been used. " There will be accusals!", an official told. (talk; PHOTO: Kiss, Gaukl, Fischer Simon)


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